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Industry Solutions

At TTFS, we have the capacity to supply a wide range of products to a diverse range of Australian industries. We offer temp fence sales solutions to customers from various industry sectors, understanding each industry requirement.


Resources Industry

The Australian resource industries such as mining, oil and gas operate in some of the world’s most isolated and harshest environments. We design, manufacture and supply our temporary fences to meet these challenging environments. Our temp fence sales range is designed for:

  • Strength in harsh climates
  • Easy installation when installing kilometres
  • Complying with Australian occupational health and safety

Construction Industry

At TTFS, our products for the construction industry are used for all applications, including:

  • Building site perimeters
  • Maintenance works
  • Large construction site

Here at TTFS, we understand our customer’s requirements, so we have become flexible for both larger and more localised developers.

Fence Hire

The Fence Hire industry is a highly competitive market and demands quality, high volume temporary fencing on a continual basis. Our manufacturing facility enables us to directly deliver any amount of temporary fence products within 24hrs.

Our team are proficient in order processing and arranging delivery.

Events Industry

Safely moving people around events or venues presents a number of challenges, but with TTFS offering temp fence sales this can be eliminated. Our crowd control barriers have superior design features such as:

  • Strong safe piping
  • Anti – tripping feet
  • Light frame for easy stacking or moving
  • Optional powder coated, colour coding

Our team can assist you with all your event requirements.

Civil and Demolition Industry

The Civil and demolition industries require high level public safety and security of sites. Demolition companies cover commercial, industrial and domestic sites and our TTFS team can supply temporary fencing for:

  • Securing sites
  • Protection from falling debris
  • Dust control using shade sales

We Understand Your Industry

Our team have proven knowledge and are familiar with most industries. We understand:

  • Every industry has its own specific needs and products
  • The diverse nature of industry and one product may not suit all applications
  • You may need a custom design for your application

This is why we offer temp fence sales to meet your industry solution. If you have a specific design for your industry, contact our professional team who will work with you on your design requirements.

TTFS offers the highest quality Temp Fence Sales for businesses in any industry.
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